Our work philosophy is based on three fundamental principles: honesty, thoroughness and efficiency.

Our law firm, PALAO BERNABEU ABOGADOS, starts from these main principles to offer practical solutions, which minimize the risks and increase the chances of success in each case.


We provide an honest legal service. The respect of this essential value is the basis of the exercise of the legal profession. Our way of working is to identify the real needs of the client and offer an upright solution.


We strive a thorough legal service. The attention to the smallest details is crucial, as they can be decisive to achieve success. We do not believe in common formulas applied to similar cases. Each case is unique, and that is how we treat it.


We provide an effective service. We are aware of the speed that the market demands and the risk of not respecting the pace it imposes. We understand that agility, seeking excellence in service, is a fundamental value to achieve the best objective.